Shinsoh Audit Corporation is one of the qualified audit firms permitted to audit listed companies in Japan. We are confident of our audit quality.

We are able to audit any kind of company, including listed companies. In terms of our audit quality, we are obliged to undergo quality control reviews implemented by the Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants. In the last review, we gained recognition for “No Material Errors Found” in our audit quality as well as in the firm’s quality systems.
We are middle-sized audit company. So we are able to respond to client's demands quickly, efficiently and properly.

Audit Services

In order to guarantee the quality of the certified level of audits, irrespective of which CPA or auditing firm is in charge, the level of audit reports prepared by certified public accountants (CPAs) is maintained by generally accepted audit standards.  

■Voluntary unit
■IFRS support
■Agreed-upon procedures

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Consulting Services

We believe the driving force of the management is essential in leading a business to success. The most energetic people in a company are the management. We respond to this energy and react to their demands.  

■Due Diligence
■M&A Advisory

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IFRS will be introduced (?)
Points of practicality to notice after introduction

On October 28, 2016, Financial Services Agency (FSA) published ‥

About Us

Our Name, History and Location

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Overview of Japanese financial reporting and auditing circumstance

Globalization of the Auditing Regime is the key word for extensive changes in financial reporting and auditing circumstance in Japan during the past about 15 years‥


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Address :

Nittochi Ginza Building
4th Floor 7-14-13
Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, JAPAN
Phone :+81-3-3541-2886
Fax :+81-3-3541-2886

Contact Us

Your inquriy is important to SHINSOH.

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